Online course for Sworn English Translators

Our course for Sworn English Translators is aimed at those who are interested in becoming official translators certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

By obtaining this qualification, translators will see an enormous increase in their chances of being contracted not only by translation agencies but also by lawyers, legal advisors and notaries.

At LT Traducciones we have a team of teachers who are highly experienced in these types of examinations and together with the educational materials we provide, we can successfully enable students to obtain the Sworn Translator qualification as rapidly as possible.


Business English Courses for Companies

In a world more and more globalised, having a good command of English is essential.

Our Business English Courses are adapted to the specific needs of each company.

We study and analyse each individual case in order to create a tailor-made programme which meets the requirements of every client.

Our highly professional teaching staff will ensure that your employees will quickly and easily learn the English they need to operate in the business environment.