Sworn Translations

billionphotos-1674344_medium2000LT Traducciones offers sworn translations for any type of documents in many language combinations. Our sworn translators are all officially certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sworn translators certify that a translation is true and accurate by signing the relevant document and attaching a stamp and an apostille. They thereby provide the legal validity required by both public and private bodies.

  • Types of document

Court rulings, Contracts, Powers of Attorney, Deeds of Incorporation, Annual Accounts, Social Agreements, Statutes, Birth Certificates, Criminal Record Certificates, Marital Status Certificates, Death Certificates, Academic Transcripts and Degree Certificates, Passports, Crime Reports, Writs, Summons, Family Registration Documents, Wills, Marriage Certificates, Town Hall Registration Certificates, Medical Certificates, etc.